Monday, January 26, 2009

Playing with mom!

Ryker and I had a fun day. I decided to go through some more boxes and we put together a tunnel for Ryker. He liked it for a while. Anyway, here are some photos of us (mostly him) playing. I am still in my pj's cause I was cleaning all day.

Sorry it has been so long...

Well I realize that I haven't posted anything for a very long time, but I have a few good excuses. First off we have been very busy getting settled into a routine. Jason has been working on getting his practice set up, and I have been trying to get Ryker on a sleeping schedule. All of these things seem to be a success so far.

Secondly, my laptop broke and I had to get it fixed. All my pics are on it so I couldn't blog from my parents computer very well and our iMac is in the room where Ryker takes his naps so I couldn't use it either. So needless to say it has been tough to blog.

For all of you who are interested I will give you a little update. Living with my parents, although crowded, has not been as bad as I expected. Jason's practice with Dr. Olsen is up and running, and growing quickly so we are excited about that. I have started teaching dance at Julie's Danceworks and I love it. It is great to be dancing again and it is helping me lose a little weight! (definite added perk) Ryker is growing up way too quickly. He is six months old and crawling all over. He is also pulling himself up to a standing position on everything he can grab hold of. It is very cute but is quite the hand full.

We miss Portland and all of our friends very much but are quickly adjusting to our life here in the "huge city" of Burley.

Here are a few random pics for your viewing pleasure!!

Caught him standing in his crib

Standing at couch...

...and falling down. He cried after he fell :(

Eating his dinner!

Oh what talent!!!

Helping with the groceries