Monday, March 9, 2009

Head Wound!

So last week on Monday I was at home with Ryker and my older brother Jordan was also home. I had to go somewhere with Jason at lunch time and I really needed to take a shower. Ryker was playing on my living room floor with his toys and so I asked my brother to watch him for me so that i could jump in the shower right quick. Three minutes into my shower I hear a knock on the door and Ryker crying. Jordan told me that Ryker had bumped his head, no big deal he does it a lot. After he said that I noticed that Ryker was crying in a way that I had never heard before...I knew something was wrong. I peeked out of the shower and this is what I saw... was bloodier and the bump was bigger. I made Jordan leave the bathroom and I got out of the shower got dressed and took him to see if he needed to have stitches. He didn't and it is healing now. It was a crazy day.