Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is not actually part two of our awesome July...but I had some pretty funny things happen that I wanted to share. Last Saturday, my family and I were eating at Taco Bandido here in Burley and while we were waiting for our food Ryker got a girlfriend. It was quite funny, the little girl came around the corner trailing her mother when she spotted Ryker. She stopped abruptly and said, "Ooooh a baby". She then placed her hands on the sides of Rykers face and planted a big kiss on his lips. Her mom came back to our table and grabbed her saying, "honey you can't just go around kissing perfect strangers". She then apologized and said, "She gets it from her mother." The whole table laughed and then my father told my brother Logan that he should take lessons from Ryker on how to get a woman! It was quite a funny event.

In other news I haven't had a chance to organize my pictures for July part two. We just had the Cassia County Fair where Jason had a booth and my Dad basically runs the place. We just moved Carli to Utah State and are going to Jason's brother's wedding this weekend. So when we return from that I will get it posted. Sorry for the delay!