Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finally...July Part II

Ok so here is finally the second part of my "Awesome July". I still never received any pictures from my sister from our adventure at the zoo :( . But here are some great pictures from Ryker's 1st Bday.

These first two pics are of Ryker a few days before his birthday. My friend Crystal sent Ryker a present and this is him with it. I love the awesome smile he has on his face in both of the pictures.

Here are pictures from Rykers party. We had a BBQ in the back yard with hot dogs, hamburgers, and lots of watermelon!!! Ryker had a ton of fun opening his gifts and he got totally spoiled.

Next gift please!!!

He had a lot of fun with the wrapping paper and even had to taste test it.

Here he is with his adorable cousins who were helping him open his gifts. This is Hallie and Reese Wilkinson, they came to the party with their mother Jessica. Thanks girls we had a ton of fun.

I love this next picture. My younger brother and sister bought Ryker a basketball hoop and he was so excited that he climbed on top of the box and started dancing. This is Ryker's signature dance move. He puts his hands behind his head and moves them back and forth. (kind of like the "sprinkler") It is soo funny.

This is him playing with the basketball. He already has some sweet moves!

After opening presents he decided to play some of his own games. I think this is a version of hide and go seek?

This is a cute picture of Ryker and you can kind of see his birthday boy shirt. LOVE IT. Also note the nice bruise on his forehead. He ran into the corner of our kitchen table a few days before his party.

This is his Awesome Cake that took me most of the day to decorate and if you can't tell, the cupcakes are decorated like a road!

A close up.

Ryker's first bite! He didn't really blow out his candles and I had the video camera for it.

And one of his last bites!

His party was a lot of fun and I think he enjoyed it. He was spoiled rotten and got a ton of gifts. He received clothes and toy cars, a basketball hoop and bowling set. He was given bath toys and of course cards and money.
We had a really awesome time with everyone who showed up and missed those who couldn't make it.
Our July ended with the 24th of July celebration in Oakley where I was able to show Ryker off to some of my old high school friends and we ate scones and watched a parade and a rodeo. It was fun to see my classmates and hang out in Oakley. I didn't get any pics from this event because we were usually in a hurry.
July was a fun month for our summer and we enjoyed the time we were able to spend with friends and family. August came and went so fast it was all a blur and now here we are already in September. Hopefully I will get better at this blogging thing but I wouldn't hold my breath.