Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Awesome July! (Part one)

We have had an awesome July. It has been such a fun month. First we went for our annual "Fourth of July" family vacation, and then we went and visited Jason's family where we celebrated Jason and Ryker's Birthdays, and we just returned today from a family reunion!

The 4th was so fun. We started the vacation by going to the Hogle Zoo. Jason's dad and nephew Jake joined us there. Ryker loved the animals and the train, and he really loved the carousel. We spent most of the day there and then went to the gateway mall to pick up a few items that we were going to need for our next days adventure. (I don't have pics of the zoo yet because my sister took all of those on her camera). We then headed for the Lagoon camp ground where we stayed in a tent. This was our first experience "camping" with Ryker, who actually slept really well despite the huge wind storm that we had that night. The gusts were so bad I thought our tent was going to fly away with us in it.

Here is Ryker and his uncle Logan in front of our tent! Sorry Logan, your eyes are closed but Ryker looks cute.

The next morning we headed out for lagoon. Ryker crashed in his stroller before we even hit the front entrance to the park! He is so cute when he is asleep. We were headed to the water park and Ryker slept through most of that which was great because after he woke up we found that he didn't really like the water. I think it was a little colder then he would have liked. So we left and headed for the rides.

Ryker got to experience his first roller coaster. Grandpa Parish took him on the ride and if you can see his face he actually looks a bit terrified.

He came off the ride looking like he enjoyed himself though. He never screamed or cried but he had an awful look the entire time.

After going on a couple of rides we headed back to the camp ground to clean up and eat some lunch. When all of us were finished and ready to go, we headed back to the park to ride the little train. Ryker basically passed out in my mothers arms before we could get to the train so grandma and grandpa sat on a bench with the sleeping boy while my brothers, sister, Jason and I went on some adult rides. It was fun and Uncle Logan won Ryker a helmet at the pitching booth!

After Ryker took a nap we went on the train. Ryker loved it and I got a lot of good pictures from the train. Here are a few of my favorites. This first picture is of Ryker on Grandma's lap right after we boarded the train. He was looking at all the people because the train wasn't moving yet.

This picture is of Ryker on Grandpa's lap looking at the animals as they passed by. He is the funniest boy and is always so interested in new things. I am always amazed at how smart he is.

After the train we decided to try a few more rides. We did the carousel which he enjoyed and then we tried the roller coaster again. The first picture is of Ryker getting on the coaster with dad and then standing in line with mom. The roller coaster was one of the only rides that we could go on with him. I didn't feel comfortable putting him on rides alone and it would have been nice if we had a bigger-little kid with us. LOL!

We really enjoyed our time with my family at Lagoon. It has been a tradition of my family to go there since I was little and I was really excited to be able to go again this year. I have missed it for the last few years, and it was fun to spend time with my family outside of Burley.

Although this blog only covers the first part of our Awesome July I think I am going to end the entry here. I have a lot of pictures from the B-day party that I want to get in order before trying to post them.

Look forward to more entries soon. Our awesome July is just getting started. We are holding Ryker's official Birthday party this week and we also have pioneer days coming up. I am so lucky to have all of these wonderful family members in my life from both mine and Jason's side. We have had a great summer spending time with all of them.

Look forward to part two of Our Awesome July coming soon!