Friday, December 26, 2008

Catching Up...

I am sitting here in Utah at the in-laws trying to decide what to write about. I have so much to update everyone on I just can't decide where to start. I guess first off Jason found out today that he passed his part 4 board exams so that means he is officially a Doctor. We are so excited. We are spending the holidays in Utah before Jason starts working in Burley where we have moved to. It has been great here, but I am missing my friend Heather terribly. Our move back to Burley was a bit hectic because of the weather. The drive that normally takes 8 hours took us more like 15 and we had to stop half way there. Then trying to get to Utah was even worse because of closed roads. We had to go up through Pocatello which made the drive an hour longer than normal. So traveling has not been fun for us so far. Ryker is getting big so fast. He has almost got crawling down, we have started him on some solid foods, and he is getting quite the personality. He has started doing this really cute smile where he crinkles up his nose and sticks his chin in the air. Every time he does it I just have to laugh. I have a few pics of it that I will post.
Other than all that we are just looking forward to starting the New Year with a brand new chapter of our life. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Jason did it. He graduated. We are so proud of him. Graduation was fantastic and the ceremony was wonderful. I can't believe it, my husband is a Doctor of Chiropractic. He has worked so hard and at long last that work has paid off. We are moving to Burley where he will start working in Rupert as part of Dr. Olson's practice. I will post pictures of the graduation here. Thanks to all of our family and friends for the love and support.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


We went to see Santa today! I know you might all think that I am crazy to stand in line with my 5 month old son just to get a few pics of him with Santa, but this was the best mall Santa I have ever seen. You will see from the photos. He has a real beard, and they put makeup on him so that he had the rosy cheeks and everything. We had a really fun day. Jason and I checked out of our apartment and then went to the mall to finish some Christmas shopping. Ryker got a new outfit to see Santa in and we got to spend an wonderful afternoon with our parents. On top of all that it really felt like Christmas time because it snowed here again today. This is the most unusual weather for Portland. Jason and I think that the city is crazy. They maybe have a max of 1 inch of snow and they have canceled school almost everyday this week.

Getting ready to see Santa.

Waiting in line with dad to see Santa.

Still waiting...

Finally!! On Santa's knee!

Crashed on Grandpa P's lap after all that excitement.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Loading the truck.

Today was the day that we loaded everything we own into a big truck and hauled to a new place to start a new chapter of our life and it was the most stressful day I think I have ever had. Moving was the most stressful event I have been through in a long time. We tried to have everything ready to go today, but earlier this week we spent the entire week trying to get our car fixed. We have had so many problems with the car lately that we didn't know if we were even going to be able to drive it home. On a good note though, Jason is graduating on Saturday and he will be a CHIROPRACTOR!! We are so excited about that. We are also excited to have our parents here for the event. We can't wait to be back in Idaho and we are looking forward to spending the Holidays at the DuBois'. If I don't get another post in...everyone have a safe holiday season and the best new year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nice or Creepy?

So we all know Ryker is really cute, or at least in our biased opinion. Anyway, while we were having dinner at "the old spaghetti factory" a man walked up to Ryker, who was in his car seat on the sling, and started staring at him. I happened to be facing the other way when the man walked up to him so I was startled a little when I turned around and there was a man basically in his car seat with him. I grabbed my fork just in the event that I needed to stab the man. He stood by our table talking to Ryker for probably 5 minutes. During which one of the man's sons came over and asked him to please sit down. I kind of laughed to myself knowing how the boy felt because my father is kind of the same way. He likes to intrude on strangers...just being friendly...but you always wonder what they are thinking. Now I know! They are thinking "who is this guy and why won't he leave?". They mean well but in this day and age it is hard to tell when someone is being nice or just creepy. I don't really have pictures to go with this story but I will post some more random pictures anyway. They are the best part of blogs. (I think anyway)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well it is finally here...we are getting ready to move. Jason graduates on the 20th and we will be back to Idaho on the 21st. We are trying to get packed and my house is a crazy mess. Ahhhh! On top of everything else Ryker came down with thrush on top of his persistent teething, and is very cranky. It has been so hard to get organized. I can't wait to get home for the holidays and see everyone. We are having mixed emotions though. As much as I complained about it here, I think that I am going to miss it just a little. Ryker is getting close to crawling and he is starting to show such a little personality. He is really funny when he gets frustrated. We have posted a few random pictures of Ryker while we were playing with him at home. Enjoy!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Ryker has teeth. His two front bottom teeth came in last week. I can't believe that he has teeth already, and neither can anyone else. I am so excited because he is getting to a stage where he is very interactive and fun. He has started laughing and has some of the cutest facial expressions. My favorite is one that I like to call the "bitter beer" face. I will post that picture for you to see.
Jason and I are getting really excited to be done with school. We only have about 10 days until we load all of our stuff into the truck to be moved. It is all coming so fast. I still have so much packing to do. We are excited to be moving. We had a good Thanksgiving, even though it was just the 2.5 of us. :) I will post a few of those pics also. Happy Holidays everyone.