Sunday, October 18, 2009

Me, my dad, and Carli...

So this month has been full of parties and it isn't over yet. My dad turned 50 this year on the 9th, I turned 24 on the 10th and my sister turned 19 on the 11th. We usually have a joint b-day party if we have one but this year I decided to throw my dad a surprise party. It was a lot of work but turned out really well. I invited all of his family and my moms family, and some of their closest friends. I made a cake and everything was decorated in black and sliver and "over-the-hill" decorations. I think he really enjoyed it. I have a few pictures below of the cake but Carli took most of the pictures during the party. We have also enjoyed a visit from Grandma and Grandpa DuBois and we are throwing our Souper Pumkin Carving Party on the 26th. We will miss all our friends that we did it with from Portland, but wanted to keep it going here because we enjoyed it so much. So look forward to a post from that.

As for me, some of my really awesome friends brought me over some cupcakes and some gifts. It was totally unexpected and I loved the gifts. Ashley and Callie you guys are so sweet. It really made my day. I had received my gift from Jason earlier in the month because we celebrated my birthday with his family when we were visiting. He spent two whole days looking for my gift and he bought me an absolutely beautiful coat. I didn't help him one bit. It was the right size and everything. I love it so much. He did a wonderful job and made me feel so special. Thank honey!

That night Jason, Carli, and I went to Albion to go through the "Haunted Mansions". It was really neat, and I was scared most of the time. They have this old college there that they decorate up and you go through three different buildings, each one getting scarier as you go. It was a lot of fun. I had a great time this year. I will post a few pics from the evenings, but I don't really have anything fantastic.

Callie, Me, and Ashley when they brought over my cupcakes they made me and their gifts.

A picture of my cute family before we left to get scared silly.

Me opening my gifts. And I am wearing the amazing coat Jason got me! Good job babe. :)

My Dad's awesome cake! The hill looks more like a pool!

We have really enjoyed the month of October so far and are looking forward to taking Ryker to the Pumpkin patch next weekend, visiting the DuBois in Utah, Our pumpking carving party, and most of all Halloween. Ryker is going to be a monkey and I can't wait until his costume shows up!

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HunnyHull said...

Happy Birthday again dear! Thanks for being such a good friend.