Sunday, November 1, 2009


I started this post the day after halloween and I am just getting it posted. Sorry.

We started out Halloween by getting Ryker a pumpkin. We got it in Utah at a patch by Grandma and Grandpa DuBois'. They had a really cool place right next to the patch and we took some pictures of Ryker and his Pumkin.
Then we had our "Souper Pumpkin Carving Party" on Monday the 26th. We had some awesome friends come over which included. Ashley, Jason, and Hudson Hull; Luke, Lindsey, and Tyler Coats; Terrence and Callie Smith and their kids: Aleah, Ethan, and Tracen. We also had Derek, Jessica, Halle, and Reese Wilkinson. (They just added one to their clan on the 30th of Oct. Congratulations you guys!) And we had Mike and Hilary Ramsey and their son.
We had such a blast. It was so fun to sit around and eat everyone's yummy soup and chat with adults while the kids played. We also had fun at the end of the evening carving pumpkins. We usually take lots of pictures but neglected to this year.
On Wednesday we went to a ward Halloween party where Ryker enjoyed playing the little games they had set up and even won some prizes at a few of the booths. We then went out into the freezing cold and did a "Trunk or Treat" It was fun but very, very cold.
On Halloween the weather turned out perfect. It was warm enough that we could walk around the neighborhood but cool enough that Ryker wasn't hot in his costume. We dressed him up as a monkey...which is very fitting right now. He loved the costume and loved trick-or-treating even more. He would go up to the houses and knock on the door himself, (it wasn't loud enough so I would knock too) and then when the person would come to the door he would say "treat" in sign language and then when he received his candy he would give them a big smile and say "Thank you" in sign language also. He was so well behaved all night and I had a blast taking him. He is the sweetest boy and I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

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